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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I'm feeling festive today! The weather is starting to cool off and the days are getting shorter  which means I'm patiently awaiting the arrival of fall. For all my festive mama's out there, here are a few of my festive favorites.

Just for fun here is a picture of Berkley celebrating her first Halloween

When is the appropriate time to discuss Halloween costumes? I'm debating on family costumes or just letting Berk dress up. What are your costumes plans?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Toddler Tuesday

Did I just really type the word toddler? I am in awe that my baby girl is growing up so fast! I can remember like yesterday crying while having nursing difficulties, drained & exhausted from no sleep and moving our bed downstairs because of having a c-section. They truly mean it when they say "time flies by", "cherish every moment", "it will be over before you know it" or "it will get easier". I heard all of these things and much more. Not until recently did I take a step back and say "oh my goodness it was all true!" 

Berkley is growing up right before my eyes and it's truly bittersweet. She definitely has her own little personality & is so much fun! Everyday she is doing or saying something new. I am amazed at how quickly she learns & catches onto things! 

This is what happens when you leave the pantry door open. She walks in, decides she wants cheese puffs and walks out with the bag! In the last 2 months she can become so independent and I HATE it. 

Semi naked and going through the drawers. She is into EVERYTHING! As a previous teacher I know how important it is to let her explore. Many days you will find me following her all day long, standing back & observing her. It's amazing to watch her learn! She is so curious.

Watching her sleep is just a blessing in itself. So calm and peaceful. We are currently transitioning from 2 naps to 1 (I think). 

Eating with her big girl spoon. Berkley's eating habits are normally a hit or miss. Some days her appetite is great, other days she's rather snack on puffs & fruit. Unfortunately, she isn't very fond of vegetables (boo!).

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Madness

I'm not sure about you, but Mondays are always dreaded over here! Laundry piles need washing and my to-do list is a mile long. Over the past 13 months of being a SAHM I've been working on my daily/weekly schedule! As a former teacher, I thrived and still thrive on a somewhat schedule! All you mama's know that schedules are hard to follow when babies arrive! My weekly cleaning schedule looks like this. I adapted it from here. I sent this link over to my friend and we send texts that say " My Cinderella duties are complete for the day!" hehe This schedule is for SAHM's or working mom's! In addition to this schedule I do go through & straighten up each night & wash the dishes daily!

*Sidenote: I am a human..therefore some days it doesn't work out as planned. Examples; I'm tired, mama duties, wife duties, aunt duties, sister duties, etc. I use this as a guide!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday

Here are my current favorites!

Cute thank you notes are a must! There is no other way to brighten someone's day! Take a moment and send someone special a thank you note! Mara-Mi stationary is my favorite! You can purchase them here

One of my favorite at home gym equipment is the Bosu ball. You can get a full body workout using this! 25-30 minutes and I am done for the day! Buying the pink one was a must! It's funny watching Ben use it though!

I have two jars of ORGANIC coconut oil. One for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. Bathroom uses are moisturizer, hair conditioner, shaving cream and diaper rash ointment for Berkley. I use coconut oil in the kitchen for everything! I bake with it, stir fry with it, etc... 

Philosophy Cleanser  Clearsonic
Lastly is my facial cleanser & cleaner. This a "little goes a long way" product! This cleanser is completely natural and makes my face feel squeaky clean but without removing my natural oils. It can seriously remove your daily makeup & sweat from your workout with stripping your face & I love it! I also use the Clearsonic cleanser to get a deep cleansing every morning. I am finally realizes the importance of taking care of my skin and these 2 products are WONDERFUL!

If you decide to try these out, let me know what you think! If you already use them (especially the coconut oil) let me know what you use them for!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty low key, since last weekend we were on the go! Our nightly routine is reading at least 4 books to Berkley. At around 6 months, Berkley was too mobile for books. She couldn't sit still long enough to enjoy them. Around 12 months, her love for books exploded ( my heart did too)! As a teacher, my one wish was that she would love to read and yippee it is happening!

She LOVES climbing into baskets, containers, etc...I get a total kick out of it and have to take a ton of pictures!
After a long week I decided to clear my mind and go on a run while Berkley napped and daddy completed his "Honey Do List." We have no running trails in our area so when it comes to long runs it is a road run :( I left while it was drizzling a small amount and it definitely picked up throughout my run,but I will tell you it was probably the best solo run I've had since our Chapel Hill days 2 years ago! There is nothing that beats specks of rain falling on your face, prayer, thankfulness and the amazement of all my blessings! My pace was a lot slower than I anticipated. I wanted to keep an under 9 minute mile, but like I said this was a relaxing, clear my mind, and give thanks kind of run. 

Saturday night we went to supper, just the 3 of us, just my little family. The rain didn't stop so Berk & I decided to celebrate and bring out our rainboots. Let me tell you, she loves shoes! Especially new ones, she gets that from her mama! 
After dinner, Ben needed to pick up a couple things at Dick's Sporting Goods. As daddy shopped, Berk & I made an attempt to work on her putting skills.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


It’s giveaway time! Brandie over at Race To The Finish is sponsoring 2 medal displays today! If you are a expert runner or just starting out, you are going to need a way to display your hard earned medals!  Brandie has been such a pleasure working with and you will LOVE her designs! Her displays are all handmade and go through a three stage painting process! Medal displays are 5 ½” x 13 ¾”. Entries end Tuesday 12pm EST

“Run Like A Girl” will be given away via the blog

  1. Comment below with “I WANT”

"Going The Distance" will be giveaway via Instagram

  1. Tag your running partner or your running inspiration
  2. Must be a follower of whitney_collins1

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Party Recap #2

The theme for Berk's birthday was pink ombre! I fell in love with everything pink while planning, but unfortunately the cost would have been a little outrageous! Pinterest was my life saver!!

 Behold all thing pink, handmade, cheap and pretty!

An overview of one side....the party was held in our garage..I tried my best to make it look acceptable!

 DIY Pink Tassle found here
DIY Ribbon Highchair Garland (instructions at the end)
Tulle Pom Poms as centerpieces

1st year picture display & gift area
Notice the balloon streamers...trying to cover up the panels

Berkley's favorite thing to do during her party was sneaking ice!

Her little feet while eating ice

Initial balloons purchased here these are 16 in.

Birthday banner made by my cousins sweet wife!

After a wardrobe change

I had some leftover tulle and thought it would be cute to make a beverage container tutu

As you can see, I love simple pictures!

Ombre Cake & Candy display table

I used this birthday hat template. I knew I wanted simple yet cute...I also knew Ben wouldn't like the idea of spending $20 on an Etsy birthday hat.

Pink Ombre layered cake 

I made a pink ombre tulle pom pom garland, however I did't get a picture (bummer). They are super easy to make and used this tutorial. I wrapped my tulle 25 times, the thicker the better!

High Chair Garland
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon - I used 4 different colors. Be sure to have a thick ribbon for the band at the top.

Measure your high chair.

Measure and cut your one piece of ribbon for the top band. 

From there, cut your strips of ribbon to the desired length. Again, I didn't measure, because I didn't want them to be super uniform looking. Place the ribbon, pretty side down and glue.

Continue until you are done! It's the easiest decoration we did and one of the cutest!